Astronaut Digital Twin

Mirroring the Human Astronaut with Their Biodigital Twin 
Sovaris Aerospace

Working at the Frontier of Human Performance in Space

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Exploring the ADT Platform

The Challenge

Space is among the harshest environments known to man. To thrive humans must adapt. This thriving must be aided by the successful application of countermeasures. But how can we know with precision how best to apply those countermeasures? This is why we are building the ADT – to support humans traveling, living, and working in space.

The Technology

A digital twin is a bidirectional platform between a physical system and its virtual counterpart commonly applied in systems engineering applications. A biodigital twin applies this paradigm to human systems to understand state and trajectory of that system. The ADT utilizes a proven suite of technology to animate data, gain understanding, and support decision making in real time.

The Ecosystem

How can the ADT platform be leveraged to support the needs of astronauts, flight surgeons, flight providers, and space researchers? The ADT Platform exists within an ecosystem that is designed to optimize its value to these groups by providing access to individual data via app or API, population analyses for oversight and policy decision support, and access to and contextualization of data for researchers.
Who we are


The Astronaut Digital Twin is a joint venture between two companies with a long history at the frontier of molecular analytics, pattern analysis, pattern recognition, systems engineering, computational modeling, and countermeasure development: Sovaris Aerospace and Embody Biosciences.